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Hello, welcome, and exhale!

šŸ‘‹ Hi, I'm Grant Gurewitz. I'm on a mission to end burnout at work. I've been in tech for 10 years (ex-Zillow, current: Qualtrics) who suffered deep burnout and came back from it with no help of the hacky advice out there.

Nearly every day I see a headline about how more and more people are experiencing burnout from work. I imagine that's why you're here. For that, I thank you for taking this courageous step.

I've been writing about burnout, unprogramming your well-being, and downsizing your relationship with work since 2018. I created it based on research and based on my experience with two waves of burnout (more on that linked below). Since I never found an effective playbook for coming back from and keeping burnout away for good, I decided to create it myself.

That's what the How I Quit Burnout Newsletter is. It will hit your inbox every Tuesday with a hard-won and data-backed tactic I use every day inside and outside of my corporate job. Ā I'm thrilled you're here!

As promised, here is the Three Good Pockets for Daily Joy worksheet. It's a reader favorite ā€“ Jess says "Three Good Pockets has been super helpful getting my head into the right space."

The download includes all the info to get started and you can print it off weekly to plan your Three Good Pockets. Ā 

Here are a few other resources to get you started:

My burnout story and more about how I'm tackling burnout

Start here for my most popular ideas to quit your burnout ā€“ Including:

  • My top tip for quitting burnout
  • How to make work actually work
  • How I got promoted working 38 hours a week

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I'd be delighted if you dropped me a quick reply to say hi at grant.gurewitz@gmail.com, tell me about your journey here, or let me know if there's anything I can do to support you.

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