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Work’s already spooky enough. How to unspook it.

Here are spooky elements of work and its unspooky alternatives
Work’s already spooky enough. How to unspook it.
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I know, I know. Halloween is the season of spookiness and horror. But I’ll select a comedy over a thriller every time.

Plus, work tends to be spooky enough. Right!?

So let’s talk about some ways to unspook your relationship with work

👻Spooky / Endless priorities

🎃Unspooky / 3-4 high-impact priorities

👻Spooky / Your success definition is based on title and compensation

🎃Unspooky / Your success is based on how much control of your time you have

👻Spooky / Your personal identity is based on your job

🎃Unspooky / Your identity based on the human you are

👻Spooky / Hustle culture

🎃Unspooky / A sustained way of working

👻Spooky / Skipping rest so you can do more

🎃Unspooky / Resting so you can do less, better

👻Spooky / Trying to focus with all your push alerts and notification bubbles

🎃Unspooky / Responding to messages when it fits into your day

👻Spooky / Quantity

🎃Unspooky / Quality

👻Spooky / Working the most hours

🎃Unspooky / Delivering the best outcomes

👻Spooky / Logged on and available at all hours

🎃Unspooky / Logged off so you can restore for tomorrow

👻Spooky / Your hobbies are work and podcasts about work

🎃Unspooky / Your hobbies give your brain a fresh outlet

👻Spooky / Powering through

🎃Unspooky / Giving yourself permission to say it's not your day

Happy Halloween and enjoy my favorite yearly tradition of parents telling their kids they ate all the candy. I told you, I’m team comedy 🙂

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