Quit burnout, start here

Hey, fried knowledge worker. Exhale. You've come to the right place.

The pace of work and the disaster that is our world makes you feel like you can't even. I get it. I'm right there with you as a fellow corporate employee.

If you're like me, you've been led to believe that to get away from burnout at work you must (finally) escape the corporate world.

But this isn't the right path for all. And I know that people who leave a corporate job still struggle with burnout. There are countless good reasons to stay in a corporate job (benefits, a team, stability, predictable income, resources, structure, and accountability). But yes, I'll be the first to admit, companies are not at all wired to solve the problem of burnout.

This is how it plays out at most companies:

[Spidermans pointing at each other meme] The meeting discussing who own the burnout issue. "The Company" and "Employees" pointing at one another

Companies and leadership have an important role to play in ending burnout at work. I focus on them in other areas of my work.

But here, it's all about you. Whether you identify it as burnout, languishing, fatigue, unmotivation, or a general feeling of blah. I get it. I was there for close to a year barely able to send out an email each day.

But you're not helpless. You don't need to throw your hands up and hope (pray?) your leaders will wake up.

I spent two years discovering hard-won strategies I still use every day in my corporate job (and outside of it) to play defense against my job and keep burnout firmly on the sideline.

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Here's my essential starter pack of strategies to get you on the path to quitting burnout without leaving your corporate job:

Downsize work

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Make work, work

How to use goals at work as your greatest defense against burnout
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Build your boundaries

How to start working only 38 hours a week
These are the steps I used to focus only on high-impact work and get time back

Unprogram your wellness

Unprogram your wellbeing: The key to avoid burnout outside of work
Healthy habits are good, but when your daily list of life hacks gets too long it can be disastrous
Three Good Pockets: My community’s most beloved strategy to avoid burnout
Use the Three Good Pockets for Daily Joy method to find calm, happiness, and growth.

How to create an anti-burnout culture (for HR and people leaders)

Whose job is it to prevent burnout at work anyways?
Breaking down the role four distinct groups play in preventing burnout at work

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