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Quiet Quitting should be embraced and adapted to

A poorly named trend representing what’s been brewing for years.
Quiet Quitting should be embraced and adapted to
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I have no doubt you’ve seen Quiet Quitting all over the place.

It’s a phrase that started on TikTok not necessarily to mean quitting your job completely, but the idea of quitting going above and beyond.

I detest this term. It’s confusing and doesn't represent the intended idea well.

Quiet Quitting really means setting healthy boundaries, working the hours you’re paid for, and detaching your personal identity from work.

I detest the term, but I fully support the desired outcomes.

Let’s be clear this concept is not new. Plenty has been written about these topics in the last few years.

In Sustain alone, I’ve written the following articles:

The problem is, executing this is really hard. Nobody taught us how to log off. Only how to stay logged on – even when you’re in surgery or summiting a mountain.

Unless you’re a Gen Z just entering the workforce, you’ve been raised in hustle culture throughout the 2000s and 2010s. All we know is how to be connected at every moment but as a collective we’re screaming out ‘why’?

Quiet Quitting is an important microcosm of a trend I’ve been predicting from the early days of the pandemic. Our relationship with work is forever changed.

And CEOs need to take notice. This isn’t a sign we’re lazy. This isn’t a sign we don’t care. It’s a sign we’ve categorically shifted our priorities in life. The companies that embrace a changed employee population will be well-positioned in the next few years and through a downturn.

We’ll help you hit your financial numbers if you help us hit our well-being. Seems like a fair trade to me 🤷

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