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I reached rock bottom with burnout at work in 2016 and then spent two years building hard-won strategies to overcome and quit burnout for good. I never found a playbook for effectively doing this so I'm writing it weekly through my two newsletters – Sustain and How I Quit Burnout πŸ“«

I'm the only one teaching anti-burnout strategies built for fried corporate employees by a once-fried corporate employee – me, Grant Gurewitz, a 10-year vet in tech.


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Burnout at work requires effort from companies and individuals. This newsletter focuses on tactical ways you can quit burnout without leaving your corporate job.

I'll send you one of my hard-won and data-backed strategies every week to downsize your relationship with work and quit burnout. They are the same strategies I use every day inside and outside of my corporate job.

Your email is secured and will never be shared with 3rd parties.

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