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Leaving the corporate world isn't your path out of burnout

Invalidating the narrative that you must break free of the evil corporate world to escape burnout and finally live free and happy
Leaving the corporate world isn't your path out of burnout
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I want to leave the corporate world so I can be my own boss.

I’ve heard this line repeated time and time again on podcasts, articles, and my many years working in the real estate industry.

Never has it been so glamorized to leave your corporate job to start your own gig. There were years I spent daydreaming about leaving my steady well-paying job with benefits since doing so is held up on such a pedestal.

This is the narrative:

First - Start a side hustle

Second - Escape the corporate world at all costs

Third - Finally live free and happy

But this logic has more holes than swiss cheese.

Last week, we squashed the idea that the goal should be finding work you love. Because that goal just leads to being a workaholic. Instead, we should learn to simply like our work so we prioritize it behind things and people we love.

But finding work you love is only half of the trap. When doing work you love is paired with being your own boss, there is no built-in structure and no off button.

The point here isn’t to tear down entrepreneurship or calculated risk-taking. It can be very rewarding. The point is to suggest that the narrative we’ve been fed where on one side of the fence you have the miserable burnt out corporate employee and on the other side you have the entrepreneur working 15 hours a week doing yoga on the beach every Tuesday is a poor depiction of what really happens.

Don’t set your target on leaving the ‘evil’ corporate world so you can finally be your own boss like a few success stories you’ve heard on a podcast. Set your target on finding work you like good enough, that powers your lifestyle, and gives you stress-free time to enjoy it.

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