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Creating the go-to resource to help corporate employees quit burnout

The only content & newsletters for fried corporate employees created by a once-fried corporate employee
Creating the go-to resource to help corporate employees quit burnout
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For the last few months I’ve been dreaming up and building something special.

Today, I’m so excited to finally share what it is with you.

I'm creating the top resource to help people quit burnout without leaving their corporate job. It's all part of my mission to eliminate burnout at work. I admit it's a big goal, but it's one worth pursuing.

Burnout is big issue. It will take companies, leaders, and maybe even the government to step up and create anti-burnout cultures. But we as individuals aren't helpless. We don't have to throw our hands up and hope (pray?) our companies will step up. And, despite the pervasive societal narrative, you don't have to leave your corporate job to finally beat burnout.

So, this site is for you – fried corporate employees. And it's written by me – Grant Gurewitz (hi!) – a once-fried 10-year vet in tech. I'll share the strategies I use every day to downsize my relationship with work, play defense against my job, and quit burnout.

What's all here?

1) The go-to resource to help you quit burnout - NEW!

I’ve been sending a version of my Sustain newsletter since 2018. But it’s only ever been a single registration page. That changes today. I’m launching this site –  GrantGurewitz.com – as the go-to destination to help you quit burnout without leaving your corporate job.

I get asked regularly if I have a link to individual newsletters so they can be shared. And the answer has been no. Now, all my past content is neatly curated and my future content will be publicly visible (and sharable) here.

I hope you'll take a look around!

2) My signature newsletter, Sustain

I've been sending Sustain to hundreds of subscribers since 2018.

I share big ideas on avoiding burnout, comment on employee wellbeing trends, talk about the future of work, and detail my ongoing journey to sustain working without burnout.

Liz says it's an "epic newsletter and message"

Sustain is free and sent every Thursday.

3) A premium newsletter, How I Quit Burnout - NEW!

I took a reader survey at the end of last year and 80% of you said you’d like to see more of my tactical strategies for quitting burnout at work. How I Quit Burnout is the precise playbook I use every day inside and outside my corporate job.

I’ll send it every Tuesday (starting Feb. 1) to help you downsize your relationship with work, play defense against your job, and quit burnout. It’s my first true product and the most valuable work I’ve ever produced.

I’m so excited to build momentum toward my mission of eliminating burnout at work.

Early reviews of the site & content say ‘it speaks to my soul’ and ‘the website looks great and the content is even better.’ I hope you’ll take a look around (and share it, if you’re so inclined).

Thanks for being here!

Ready to downsize your relationship with work and quit burnout?

Hi, I'm Grant Gurewitz. I'm on a mission to end burnout at work. I've been in tech for 10 years (ex-Zillow, current: Qualtrics) who suffered deep burnout and came back from it with no help of the hacky advice out there.

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