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When things feel large, find an escape to be small

When you’re going through it at work, here’s a quick way to recalibrate.
When things feel large, find an escape to be small
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When things feel large, it’s best to find a way to feel small.

The last 10 days at work have felt big and demanding. I’ve had some unexpected intense deadlines. I’ve worked longer hours than usual. I’ve had far more to do than I feel resourced for. And I’ve had limited time to move my body. And I’m still committed to providing value in Sustain every Thursday.

It’s the perfect recipe to end my streak of avoiding burnout.

When things feel very big and unwieldy, I like to turn to my tried and true strategy of disconnecting and seeking an outlet to feel small. It helps me put into perspective that a short sprint at work is far from the most important typing going on.

It was somewhere along my bike ride on the quiet gravel road, high above the interstate highway in the mountains, crossing sweeping train tresses with a slow curve I started to feel like myself again.

I saw more animals than humans. I had poor service so my phone stayed tucked away. It was just me – seemingly a small ant biking 12mph through the hills. Everything that felt so large a day ago seemed to effortlessly wash away.

No doubt if I continue at this pace burnout is coming.

But an escape to feel small in the midst of what feels like a gigantic period of time has superpowers to help you recalibrate.

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