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Time to change with the season and reset for fall

Flow with the seasons and take time to reset as Fall begins
Time to change with the season and reset for fall
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As summer winds down, it's time for a gear shift. We're post-Labor Day (in the U.S.), school is back, and return to office policies are starting.

As sad as I am to put away my kayak and harvest my last tomatoes, I'm at peace changing the season.


I'm ready to change the pace that comes with the changing seasons. To me, the most significant transition is from winter to spring. But the second largest is Summer to Fall (i.e. now, in case you hadn't noticed the pumpkin spice everywhere). I encourage you to flow with the appropriate pace of each season as opposed to trying to be consistent year-round. It's just not practical.

Whereas summer is time to chill, dream, and relax, now starts my go-time. It's time to harness that dreaming into something practical. But you still have to do it at a sustainable pace or burnout will creep in. Don't get rolling down the mountain too quickly.

I find the changing of the seasons is also a great time to reset a habit. You don't have to wait until you make a New Year's Resolution!  

In the next few weeks, I'm going to be hyper-focused on...well, focus.

Recently I've been wasting away time scrolling through social media and houses for sale instead of closing up shop for the day when I finished my three priorities for the day. I was zapping my energy and left beautiful afternoons on the table I should have enjoyed. Bummer 😔

I write this newsletter as much for me as I do for you!

So flow with the seasons: How will you shift your pace? And what habits need a kick in the pants so you can put work in its place?

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