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Eating to keep burnout away

Don't let burnout bring down your eating or vice versa
Eating to keep burnout away
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My story

My relationship with food has been all over the place throughout my life. Growing up, a family member’s health condition necessitated that all home-cooked meals were fat free. It was no surprise then that I rebelled against that in college and put on the corresponding pounds.

Quickly following college, we found ourselves at the peak of Paleo’s popularity so my wife and I did that for a while. I cut out foods and drinks I enjoyed for what I believed was the healthiest way to live. This way of eating quickly got mixed in with many other lifestyle and productivity hacks that helped to bring on my burnout.

I then went a different direction after learning many benefits of a plant-based way of eating and stayed pretty strict with that for several years, allowing myself meat one or two times per week.

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