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How do you quantify a good day?

The unique proxy measure I use to gauge how far away from burnout I am
How do you quantify a good day?
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When somebody asks me the first step to prevent burnout, I always say the same thing → REDEFINE SUCCESS

Success for me looks like how much I close my laptop & how much agency over my time I have. It has nothing to do with money and power.

I love this definition of success, but it can feel somewhat vague and hard to wrap my arms around.

That’s why I also use a few more quantifiable KPIs to measure my progress on a day-to-day basis.

  1. I focus on high-impact work → Measured by the 3x3 Rule of Work
  2. I rejuvenate daily → Measured by Three Good Pockets
  3. I fuel my body well → Measured by the compost I remove from my kitchen



How does that apply to success?

My theory: If I’m taking a nice bowl full of crisp watermelon peels, pits of juicy peaches, and stems of leafy kale to my compost bin it signals several important things.

It means I had time to plan healthy and nutritious meals for the week.

It means I went grocery shopping for food or picked it from my garden.

It means I made time to prepare dinner and/or blend a smoothie in the middle of the day.

It means I operated at a sustainable pace so I had the energy to prepare nutritious food. And not order delivery while sunk into the couch.

To me, the regularity I create compost is a fantastic proxy for how far away from burnout I am.

Do you have any unique ways, like this, that signal you had a good day? Reply and let me know!

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