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Burnout isn't a foregone conclusion of working

Disproving the notion that burnout is the only way to show you care about work
Burnout isn't a foregone conclusion of working
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A couple weeks ago, a reader of this newsletter tagged me into a LinkedIn conversation about how small business owners and entrepreneurs could avoid burnout. As I looked at the other comments (always a bad idea *smh*), one in particular stood out.

Burnout is universal; it just tells you that you’re a hustler and you give a shit. :)

While I’m having a visceral reaction in my chair typing this, I know this notion isn’t isolated. And I know from experience it’s particularly true across bro culture. The bro icons preach to hustle, to pour (all) your life into building a business, and to chase cash. Sprint and accomplish now and you can ease off the gas pedal later, they say.

So, a culture of workaholics with no hobbies, no social life, and deep pervasive burnout exists.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Burnout isn’t inevitable. It’s not a foregone conclusion of working. And yes, you can give a shit while working a sane amount.

In fact, I’d argue that you give more of a shit if you work less and take care of yourself. Why? That signals you care about sustaining yourself for the long journey, not just sprinting for a quick win tomorrow. It shows you care about your work enough to put your best self into it, rather than a self that’s fried.

Let’s also address that working less and taking care of yourself means you don’t work as hard, that you might be lazy. That idea couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, now several years after my two waves of burnout, I know I work just as hard. The major difference is I only focus on the most essential things which allows me to complete what I set out to do in a sane amount of time.

Remember, you can work hard, you can give a shit, and you can do your work well without burning out. But it takes intentionality to reclaim your time, work at a sustainable pace, and prioritize time-tested healthy habits.

Success is not inextricably linked with working yourself to the point of burnout.

At a sustainable pace,


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