1:1 Burnout Coaching

Burnout plays out differently for everyone. Let's customize a plan for you.

Let's get you from fried to fresh

I know burnout is solvable. We can all recover from it and keep it away. But it's tough in our world of imposter syndrome and always-on hustle work culture.

You can't apply simple life or productivity hacks to get yourself out of burnout. And it won't be gone in weeks or even months.

For me, it took two years of trial and (mostly) error + some deep mindset shifts to get my work burnout on the sidelines once and for all.

If you're interested in the playbook I use daily to work without burnout, I suggest starting with my two newsletters – Sustain and How I Quit Burnout 📫

Looking for a customized plan?

If you are looking for a customized plan, an accountability partner, and a pacesetter as you quit your burnout, I can help.

However, I can only take on very limited clients since I work a full-time job and create two newsletters a week. (I have to avoid my own burnout, you know 😉 )

I'm good if you're a corporate employee trapped in work burnout, overwhelmed by wellness, or not sure what success looks like for you.

I'm not good for you if you're trying to solve parenting burnout.

I typically charge $475/month or $5200/year for:  

  • A 60-minute onboarding call to learn about your situation and to create a customized plan
  • A 45-minute monthly call
  • Weekly text check-ins
  • My How I Quit Burnout Newsletter ($100/yearly value)

I suggest a minimum 4-month relationship since quitting burnout does not happen quickly.

Availability is very limited. Please email me at grant.gurewitz@gmail.com if you are interested in 1:1 burnout coaching.