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Burning out is not a foregone conclusion of working

Putting to rest the notion that you must hustle and burnout to unlock success at work
Burning out is not a foregone conclusion of working
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My story

Just prior to my burnout in 2016 I vividly remember days where I’d listen to a podcast before work related to my job in social media, get so excited about the idea, and then immediately try and spin something up. I’d sell the idea, rally support, do the work to make it happen, and respond to emails feverishly on my bus ride home. But then I got home and crashed.

I was using an incredible amount of energy. I was hustling like the podcast bros said I should. And what happens when you hustle? You fatigue. But I was convinced that hustling was the single proven path to success. So I told myself I was right where I was supposed to be. Even if all my energy was being used on a social media platform that was here today, gone tomorrow. Remember Blab? Neither do most people.  

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