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Burnout is one of the great workplace issues of our time. Let's tackle it.

I'm on a mission to eliminate burnout at work

Burnout is one of the top issues on the minds of employees and leaders. Want to bring this critical workplace conversation to your podcast, webinar, event, or blog?

I've got you covered.  

My perspective on this issue is unique. I've worked in tech (ex-Zillow, now Qualtrics) for 10 years. I had a deep bout of burnout myself, created my own playbook to recover, and have kept it away for years.

Now I share the strategies I use every day with my growing audience of corporate employees that calls it 'an epic message' and 'that speaks to my soul.' But I'm not on the sidelines on this issue. I'm still working my full-time corporate job in tech and sharing both how organizations can create an anti-burnout culture and how individuals can quit burnout.

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Sample topics

How individuals can quit burnout at work

  • How I quit burnout without leaving my corporate job
  • The least overwhelming wellness strategy to avoid burnout
  • How I got promoted working 38 hours per week
  • How to downsize your relationship with work in an always-on culture

How organizations & leaders can create an anti-burnout culture

  • Exploring whose job is it to prevent burnout at work
  • Employees want to downsize their relationship with work. What to do about it?
  • Burnout is not a benefits problem. It's a culture problem.

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