Hi, I'm Grant Gurewitz 👋

Hi, I'm Grant Gurewitz 👋

I'm on a mission to eliminate burnout at work

It's 2016. Each day when I open my laptop, I can barely muster enough willpower to send a couple of emails. By that point, I was past my first phase of burnout from working myself to the bone. I was then in a state of complete overwhelm trying tantalizing life hacks I felt certain were about to set me free from burnout.

Two years and much pain later, I had to figure out my own sustainable system for playing defense against my job and working without burnout. Put simply, there's no playbook I ever found. So, I'm writing it myself and sharing it with you through my two newsletters, Sustain and How I Quit Burnout (subscribe here).

It's the burnout playbook I wish I had in 2016. It's the playbook I use to this day that allows me to put myself first, work 38 hours a week, do meaningful work – and still get promoted.

I'm a firm believer in slowing down and going at a sustainable pace 🐢

I've been a marketer in tech (ex-Zillow, now Qualtrics) for 10 years so you can be assured I'm not some guy sitting on the sideline peddling advice I'm not using on a daily basis to call my shots to work without burnout.

I've now been completely burnout-free since 2018. And I've kept a corporate job the entire time.

Eliminating burnout at work is an uphill climb, no doubt. It's going to take substantive solutions from companies and leadership (I'm also working on this!) and from all of you. But I wouldn't be doing this work if I wasn't sure it was possible to end burnout at work. I also firmly believe that eliminating burnout at work is a catalyst to improving DEI and creating better outcomes for our planet.

I'm more certain than ever that it's possible for employees to be well at work and for the business to thrive. Those two are not mutually exclusive.

Are you tired of letting your job call the shots in your life? If you're ready to downsize your relationship with work, quit burnout, and do so without leaving your corporate job, you're in the right place.

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I live in Tacoma, WA with my wife and two cats. To recharge in my Three Good Pockets I enjoy kayaking, vegetable gardening, cooking, biking, and listening to baseball on the radio.