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The 4 pillars of quitting burnout at work

Where to start to play defense against your job and get the life back you've wanted
The 4 pillars of quitting burnout at work
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How I Quit Burnout issue #0 (Get it in your inbox next Tuesday)

In 2016 I massively burned out at work. But I never found an effective playbook to recover without quitting my job. So I spent two years finding the hard-won strategies. And then another two years using them every single day in my corporate job to make sure they stand the test of time (and are sustainable & doable day after day).

They work.

How I Quit Burnout is my new newsletter where every Tuesday I’ll share one hyper-tactical page from my playbook.  

Each week builds on the previous week. Think of it as a step-by-step course in newsletter form.  It’s the masterclass for individuals – you! – in a corporate job where your company is clueless about how to treat you (or worse, gaslighting you).

How I Quit Burnout is perfect for:

  • How to play defense against your job – without being a slacker or a bad team player
  • How to stop being ground to mush daily
  • If you're overwhelmed by all the life hacks and advice out there
  • Finding control of your time & living the life you actually want

The tactical pages of the playbook come from four chapters

  1. Downsize your relationship with work // This is the area we’ll start with next week. It’s all about the mindset for quitting burnout.
  2. Make work, work // We’ll then transition into the nuts of bolts of what you can do during your workday. This is how you call your shots and play defense against your job.
  3. Build your boundaries // This may be one of the most important areas especially for those working from home. When work and life is on one continuum, it’s more important than ever to build your wall around work with reinforced steel. We’ll cover plenty of tactical strategies like building an EOD ritual so when you’re done working, you’re actually done working.
  4. Unprogram your wellbeing // One common misconception is that burnout from work only happens at work. A huge part of my burnout story was what happened outside of work. This final section will dive into the sustainable way to manage your wellbeing: By unprogramming it – not by following the massive list of life hacks you see in articles, podcasts, and Instagram.

In each edition, I’ll share my story about how the topic for that week played out. I’ll then share specific steps, where to start, and how to know if you’re on the right track.

Next Tuesday, the How I Quit Burnout journey begins. We’ll start in the Downsize Work category talking about why leaving the corporate world isn’t necessarily the ticket out of burnout. That may be surprising given the popular narrative around The Great Resignation and the growing anti-work movement.

I’m your pacesetter. You’re running the race. Shall we begin?